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Guide to Penetration Testing in Ethical Hacking

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Guide to Penetration Testing in Ethical Hacking

Penetration testing or Ethical hacking is the effort to increase the ability to penetrate resources and launch real-world attacks to detect flaws in the system and assess its security. We are going to discuss Penetration testing, its prerequisites, and knowing how attackers carry out cyber attacks in the real world. Fetch with FITA Academy they will give a complete Guide to Penetration Testing in Ethical Hacking. You can choose Ethical Hacking Course in Chennai.

Individual functions include penetration testing (also known as pen testing) and vulnerability testing. Vulnerability testing is the process of determining a computer or network’s susceptibility and implementing measures to address specific vulnerabilities.

Hacking and penetration testing have polar opposite motivations. Hacking is done to cause damage. Tracking, assaults, getting access, and exploitation is among them. The hacker then eliminates the tracks or clears the data, once the task is complete. The target may have no prior data on this.

Penetration testing, on the other hand, is done to increase the system’s present security level. This is done with the permission of higher-level management or representatives who support the research. Penetration testing involves targeting and conducting genuine attacks on a computer without knowing much about the test site. Join the Ethical Hacking Online Course at  FITA Academy and learn how to protect data from malicious hackers. Learning Ethical Hacking paves a great way toward your career. 

Types of Penetration Testing

Black Box penetration testing 

The attackers in this scenario have no prior knowledge of the target. Without recognizing the user’s IP address, OS specifics, or any other details, common assaults must be carried out utilizing tools and tactics. 

Grey Box penetration testing 

The attacker has some knowledge about the victim in this type of tests, such as the victim’s location, IP address, OS specifics, and email ID. They should use the proper attack and conduct the penetration test based on the limited data available.

White Box penetration testing

The white hat testing is a reasonably transparent test in which the hackers have all the necessary information to carry out the attack. This information may include IP address, OS data, known vulnerabilities, application version, and more.

NMAP Alternatives– Different types of free monitoring tools and open source vulnerability scanning are available to network administrators and security experts.

Importance of Penetration Testing

Penetration testing assists businesses in safeguarding their assets and preventing data, monetary, and other property loss. This can be done by a variety of cyber attackers, including hackers, extortionists, angry workers, or other unsavory characters.

This assists in verifying compliance implementation and detecting non-compliance across the whole network or system, which can lead to big errors, corporate losses, harsh fines, and libel. 

Penetration testing aids in the development of a data security strategy by finding vulnerabilities and their consequences, as well as defining and limiting the risk of future assaults. Fetch with Ethical Hacking course in Bangalore will provide a top-end ethical hacking and penetration testing guide.

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