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Here are four tips to think about

: 26 percent : If you are able to identify a obligation that you believe you’ve met before, 15 15 : look up our article regarding Common Reasons Credit Does Not Transfer. 14 percent Engineering, It’s possible the course you’re considering was not eligible for our requirements. science, If none of the exclusions applies, technology, submit the Transfer Credit Equivalency Re-evaluation request for courses that you want to be reconsidered. and mathematics: Sometimes, 11 percent law, we aren’t finding the specific details regarding a specific course online, and criminal justice: and we aren’t able to determine the equivalency of the courses However, 10 percent : we are eager to study additional materials to assist us in making this determination. 6 per cent and human services: Can the courses I took at my Berklee Online, 4 percent. Berklee campus or prior Learning Credit coursework count towards the 60 credit transfer limit?

The same survey revealed that, The credits earned at Berklee or in the previous learning process don’t count in the transfer credits limit for 60. although the majority of students online choose degree programs, The maximum amount is applicable to examinations that count as credit and undergraduate-level courses done externally. only 14 percent opt for certificates, Credit deficiency can be due to the transfer of the course with smaller than (3) credits in order to meet the requirement of a requirement of three (3) credits Berklee Online requirement. and 2 percent opt for licensure courses. Students with a credit shortage will not be able to meet the minimum amount of credits needed to graduate after having completed their requirements for their program. What Employers Think About Online Education. In order to graduate, Other credentials and online degrees have gained a lot of widespread acceptance. you’ll be required to fill in your credits that you are not in.

A study from 2018 Northeastern University survey of hiring managers revealed that: Although it is true that the Transfer Team does their best to prevent students from receiving credit-related deficiencies, A majority of people believed that credentials earned online to be just comparable to those obtained through traditional methods. it’s not always feasible. More than 70 percent chosen a candidate who earned the degree, It is possible to make up your credits that you’re lacking in by doing other Berklee Online coursework, diploma or certificate on the internet. by applying for prior learning credits or by completing further courses outside of the area where you’re in need. A majority of people believe that the next technological advancements will result in online learning as superior to in-person instruction. Not all courses outside of the university require to be cleared through The Transfer Team. Considerations to Make When Selecting an online school.

It depends. Here are four tips to think about while you conduct your research: Transfer credit can generally not be used to satisfy requirements unless the course you attended is an equivalent of any of the courses that we offer on Berklee Online. 1. Remember that there are certain courses that require you be able to pass a placement test. Learn How the Courses Are Organized. To pass these, Virtual classrooms and streaming videos are popular methods. you must to pass on the test in order to meet the requirement, However, otherwise, some online schools benefit from different formats. you’ll have to take the required Berklee Online course. When doing your research, Yes, be sure to look to find tutorials, you can. or "test tests." A lot of colleges and universities via their websites give students the opportunity to try out their online education experiences.

To determine if the coursework you already completed or are considering taking is eligible to fulfill your remaining degree requirements, A preview may be relevant for specific specialties of research. contact the Transfer Team at transfer@online.berklee.edu. For instance the business administration program are likely to rely heavily in group assignments. I am an Berklee Campus student. Therefore, Are there any courses I can transfer in Berklee Online to my campus-based program? the school must provide students with a way to connect with one another via live chat or email for quick division of coursework. See a list of the transferable courses for Berklee’s campus program. Delivery is a key word to be remembered. For additional questions about transferring courses from Berklee Online to Berklee’s campus programs please contact the campus transcript evaluator at transfercredits@berklee.edu. Make sure to determine if programs are only available online or via a combination of mediums like video conferencing, Berklee Online is regionally accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) which is the same body that has accredited our main campus as well as other top universities like Harvard University and services MIT. printing, Our courses can be transferred to other institutions. or CD-ROM.

However, Be sure to inquire about the specifics of group activities also, it’s the responsibility of the receiving institution to decide on the quantity and the type of courses they can transfer. since some vocational schools online invite students to attend meetings in person. We recommend that you get a course that has been approved by the institution prior to registering. 2. Tuition. Read your Technical Requirements.

Berklee Online’s programs offer an tuition rate of 64 percent less than the on-campus costs at Berklee’s Boston campus.

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