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The full form of IVF is In vitro fertilization, which means conception in the lab. IVF treatment involves many eggs and placing them in a petri dish with specially washed sperm cells. According to Gynecologist In Madipakkam some of the retrieved eggs will become fertilized by the sperm cells and become embryos. In few cases, the sperm cells need extra help with the fertilization process. In this article, you will learn steps to get pregnant through IVF procedure:

Boost your egg production through superovulation:

In this step, they will give you drugs which are called stimulation. In other words, it contains follicle-stimulating hormones. It tells your body to produce more than one egg per month. If you produce more eggs, the more chance you will get to successful fertilization in the treatment. 

Remove the Eggs:

After a day, your eggs are scheduled to be retrieved from your body. You will get a hormone injection that will help your eggs to grow fast. During the process, the gynecologist will use an ultrasound to guide a thin needle into each of your ovaries through the vagina. The device will be connected to the needle. Fertility Centre in Chennai also provides the best IVF treatment. 

Collect Sperm from your Partner for the treatment: 

When they remove your eggs, your partner will give a sperm sample. You also can choose to use donor sperm. Then the sperm will be put through a high-speed wash and spin cycle in order to find the healthiest ones. 

Unite Sperm and Eggs: 

This step is known as insemination. The egg of sperm takes a few hours to get fertilize. Your doctor may also inject the sperm directly into the egg which is called intracytoplasmic sperm injection(ICSI). 

Transfer the Embryos into your Uterus: 

When your eggs have been collected you will get another medication. After 3-5 days, your doctor will place the embryos in your uterus using a catheter. More than one embryo will be transferred into your body in the hope one embryo will implant itself in the lining of the uterus and start to develop. 
Thus, the above-mentioned are the steps of IVF treatment. Visit Gynecologist In Adambakkam for the best fertility treatment. Hope this article helps you. Stay Healthy!

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