Website and E-mail Performance Monitoring

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Web hosting:

Web hosting companies play a big role on your website up time and down time. Web hosting companies are classified in to two one is smaller hosting services and larger hosting services. These companies give space and access to your pages. There are many companies offering free web hosting services for static website. Web hosting companies have super computers as server. If your website is dynamic website then you need to take up the record of Active time on your website. Accordingly, you can analyze the reasons behind the uptime and downtime of your website. Before taking the decision about the hosting  check with the hardware they use for hosting and how many server locations do they have. Web site uptime monitoring  companies use protocols or programs to check the uptime and alerts you periodically with vulnerable e-mails or sms.

Web site and web application:

Web application is about having regular interactions with the customers whereas website is about giving the information. Web site uptime monitoring company use efficient  software to maintain your uptime.  If your website conducts continuous interactions by engaging multiple visitors then you need to check the uptime because it is the importance factor which makes your website unique.

E-commerce websites or websites who conduct regular interaction with the viewers need to check the website uptime and the reasons behind the down time. Web site performance monitoring is inevitable for these types of business.

After knowing the reasons take proper decisions about how to fix the problem. You can buy software or else hire a company to check the website performance monitoring. Check whether you are using updated plug in your website because old version reduces your page speed.

Spam through email:

E-mail marketing is the applauded method to bring your regular customers.  So spam e-mails and delivery failure emails are the factors  unseen. If you are sending bulk e-mails to promote your discount offer or new product details to your old customers then please track the result with the help of blacklist emails. Black list emails consist of details like checking the Ip address, subject of the sender, links in the e-mail, email of the sender etc. So after checking these factors definitely spam emails get minimized. So spam email leads to virus attack and even they tend to hack your system. Check email blacklist through online to reach the customers and business partners effectively.

Mail server blacklists can be used to analyze and fix the problems using blacklists techniques. There are companies who take care of your black list emails and provide you the correct report. If the spam is stopped from the server then it stops from the service provider level and it will not enter in to your email to hack or crash your system.

For branded companies rivals use hacking methods or spam emails to reduce their business. So becoming popular is always followed by becoming conscious. Keep a eagle eye on the problems which affect your business.