End to End HR Solutions high pressure laminates Why Laminates Called Best Home Décor Solutions?

Why Laminates Called Best Home Décor Solutions?

Laminates are gradually gaining popularity as a home décor product. At present there are several types of laminates like abstract laminates, HD Gloss laminates that can be installed in different places. So, here are 5 commonly asked questions answered about laminates, which are raised by every new buyer.

  1. What are laminates?

High pressure Laminates are artificial sheets of several thin layers that are stuck together with high-quality adhesives. The number of layers of laminates varies according to the HPL sheets manufacturer. This multi-layering makes this product highly durable. Laminates are resistant to scratch, moisture and wear and tear, thereby, making it a durable as well as an affordable product. Once installed, laminates go a very long way.

  1. Where are laminates installed?

Laminates are fit to be installed on different surfaces be it at home or offices. There are different grades and designs of laminates. At home, one can install laminates at different places including kitchen counter tops, on the surface of the cupboards etc.

Laminate wood, if installed on the walls of your living room will render an elegant look to your house. This is the reason why decorative laminates are gaining popularity. HD Gloss laminates are a good choice for lending a vibrant ambiance to the room and therefore, are installed at pubs and discos as well.

  1. How to install laminates?

Installing high pressure laminate exterior Cladding is very easy and a lot of people take it up as a weekend DIY. Many laminate companies project its easy installation as their unique selling point. The laminates are available in the form of sheets of different sizes. So, you can measure the approximate area where you wish to install the laminates and choose the size of sheets that can be easily installed. Laminated wood, unlike hardwood or plywood, need not be chopped with strenuous efforts.

  1. How to clean laminates?

Laminate sheets require minimum attention to cleaning. These, unlike paint or distemper, do not flake or let the stain set. A weekly or monthly cleaning schedule of a few minutes would be enough to maintain the grace of laminates. A soft cotton cloth is sufficient to dust off these.

This product retains its luster for a very long period of time and hardly needs replacement on account of degradation or flaking. Being light and sturdy, they qualify as one-time investment products.

  1. Why should I install a laminate at my place?

Everyone wants their home or office to look pretty and decorative and abstract laminates render the most elegant look to these places. But this is not the sole reason why you should install laminate. Besides being decorative, the class of anti-bacterial laminates contributes to maintaining high hygiene standards.

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