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Corrugated boxes are made of corrugated fiberboard material consisting of flute with one or more linerboards. Many commercial retailers use these boxes for shipping and end-to-end requirements. Hence, packaging engineers work on custom corrugated boxes to improve performance by controlling the overall cost. The custom corrugated boxes are manufactured by a list of packaging companies in Chennai for retailers, shipments, government, and military exports. These boxes are available in various styles and, the most common used by the industries is the regular slotted container. These styles differ with the measurement of flaps, width, and breadth to accommodate the products. Hence, below listed are some benefits of the custom corrugated boxes in various industries.


The custom corrugated boxes are an excellent option for shipping and provide extreme protection for the products. These boxes protect products to a certain measure but require extra protection by components by cushions, blocks, and bracing for fragile materials. Hence, the carton box manufacturer in Chennai also provides custom corrugated boxes according to the customer’s requirements. 


The corrugated boxes are durable compared to other products. These boxes are recycled and act as environment-friendly. Due to their durability, they are widely used in the food industry for packing food items. The corrugated boxes are resistant to shock and pressure while stacking. It is an ideal solution for transportation. According to recent studies, more than half of the paper is recycled into corrugated boxes, and more than 95% of corrugated boxes are used for shipping to many countries.


The corrugated boxes used by retailers come with detailed and creative designs to promote their brand. The stability of the box combined with the innovative design helps the business owners and developers to display the products unusually. With the help of the designing and brand identification team, the shop owners can create effective ideas to design the boxes with their store’s label. Nowadays, 3D proofing tools are used in designing product packaging. These technologies have a great impact on the packaging industry and attract customers effectively.


Corrugated boxes are less expensive compared to other packaging products. Boxes are the preferred options while packaging because of their availability. The larger boxes will reduce the space while shipping and reduce transportation cost-effectively.

Hence, plastic sheet manufacturers in Chennai help business people to do better with packaging solutions and processes. Therefore, consider the above tips shared in the post for better management.

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