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Australia has a wide range of visa options for individuals who wish to work or invest in Australia. The Australia Skilled Immigration Visa is designed to target genuine skill shortages, diversify business expertise and increase the entrepreneurial talent.

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Not everyone can apply for this visa, there are some requirements.

  • Age

You should be below 45 years when you apply.

  • English Proficiency

You must have sufficient ability in the English language in order to work in Australia.

  • Nominated Occupation

When you are applying for the visa, you nominate a skilled occupation that fits your skills and qualifications. This occupation should be found on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List.

  • Skills Assessment

You should have your skills assessed by the Australian assessing authority that is designated to assess your nominated occupation. Only then you can proceed to apply for the visa.

  • Health Assessment

All the applicants must undergo a medical examination and get their health assessed by a panel doctor.

  • Character Assessment

Furthermore, your character will also be assessed and you should have a good character.

  • Points Test Score

You have to score at least 60 on the Points test.

In case, if you fail to meet the basic visa requirements but pass the Points test, then you are not allowed to continue with a General Skilled Migration to Australia application.

Australian Skilled Visa Process

This visa is based on a 3 stage application process, “explains the Best Australian Immigration Consultants in Chennai.

Stage 1

The first stage of the process involves the completion of a skills assessment with the relevant government body.

This assessment enables the department of immigration and Border protection to conclude if you possess the required level of skill in your chosen occupation to practice in Australia.

Stage 2

Once you have obtained a positive skill assessment, you will have to submit an expression of interest through SkillSelect. This can be done in as well as outside Australia.

Stage 3

Finally, when you are issued with an Invitation to Apply (ITA), you can proceed to DIBP stage of the application, where you can submit the final, complete application to be approved by the DIBP to get your visa granted.

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