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Many people living in low and high apartments in our cities and towns are more interested in doing home hydroponics as it can be done without soil but with mineral water. This type of agriculture needs only twenty percent of water while compared to ordinary and ancient method of agriculture. It is also a space saver. So it can be done easily in the home terrace and balcony without any infection of pests. Labour is also less in this method as weeding and re-potting are unnecessary here. Nowadays, having one’s own vegetable garden in his home has become a fashion and trend as it also gives a classy look to the house and a certain standard to the owners.

Though the farmers doing hydroponic farming should be more attentive and should give the complete concentration in it, Hydroponic system design is so attractive and mainly protective to them. Hydroponics is done in certain trays and pots meant for it and also in NFT pipes in which water containing minerals and nutrients are circulated to every plant regularly and are changed in the scheduled period of time. This method gives high yield throughout the year as hydroponic plants also have the capacity of control over different climatic conditions which prevails throughout the year. It provides great profit to the fairs including healthy food to the people.

Hydroponic kit in India can get from various parts of the world as hydroponic equipment suppliers are all over India and the world. People from small villages of India are also playing an important role in the growth of hydroponic farming method as they are directly or indirectly involved in this mission of advanced agriculture. Now hydroponic centers can be seen only in most of all towns and cities of India but this farming is dined even in villages by some people who are interested in gardening and cultivation.

Having a self-garden in the home has become a fashion today in our society. So many people do home hydroponics and some people who are efficient for spending money have their own hydroponics farms in the outer space. Cost of hydroponics farming in India is little high and not all people can do large scale hydroponics farming in their land as it takes nearly thirty thousand for an acre of land. People who do indoor farming spend less money and they use the materials which they get cheaper and from their waste kitchen products like glass jars, pipes, fibers, etc. Future farms encourage hydroponics techniques and deliver fresh kit along with the number of plant species

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