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Generating Business Leads and Converting them in to Sales are the two important challenges for every Business owners. Passion towards their business will take care of the customer service part. In today’s marketing world we can’t rely on any one medium/ channel for enquiry generation and conversion. Our presence in digital medium is very much certain now.

Bulk SMS and Whatsapp Bulk Sender plays a very important role in lead generation and conversion. Yes! You can use Bulk SMS or Bulk Voice SMS for Generating Leads and you can use Whatsapp Bulk Sender for converting them into sales.

Important Factors which defines success of Bulk SMS Campaign:

  1. Valid Database – Always buy database from a trusted vendor. Collecting your own database will ensure 50% success of your campaign.
  2. Effective Content/ Message – Always keep your target audience in mind when prepare the Text SMS/ Bulk Voice SMS
  3. Option to unsubscribe our messages anytime – Where we can avoid disturbing people who is not interested our product
  4. Clean-up your database often by removing invalid & not interested numbers
  5. Prompt response for all your enquiries.
  6. Continuous engagement with your enquiries with Whatsapp or email or call.

Apart from this you can use email marketing also for lead generation. There are many bulk email service provider in Chennai are available.

However, once you got responses from your Bulk SMS Campaign, it is very important to keep your enquiries engaged till they become your customers. You need to communicate with your leads very often ie, you may require to send your product documents, videos, images etc.,  Here you can use Whatsapp Bulk Sender effectively. You can add them into your contacts and start communicates with the decision maker directly here.

The following are some important key advantages of Whatsapp bulk sender

  • It is quicker, we can send instant messages
  • Takes less time to reach targeted enquiries.
  • Produce engaging content, images, text, audio and video content
  • Ensure the reach of our content.
  • This is absolutely a less expensive approach and highly effective too

With this understanding you can kick start your campaign immediately.

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