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Elements of a Green Building

Green building has been around for centuries but it is only since the 1970s that green building has been elaborated as we know it today. With a call for social and eco-awareness for our circumstances, more and more people are looking to build their homes in a sustainable way. producing a Green building materials wants to find a harmonious balance between a home built in a sustainable way by means of using the most cost-effective and energy-efficient materials available. Buildings are created to limit the effects on the environment by saving the maximum amount of energy used.

There are numerous things to consider when embarking on an eco-build, including:

  1. Materials

The Green building Construction Materials used should be sourced locally in order to save on the energy used for the transportation. If you cannot source materials locally, the alternative would be to use renewable, natural or recycled supplies which are obtained in a sustainable way. Reclaimed wood, for example, is an excellent way to accommodate features and flooring into your home.

  1. Energy

In order to decrease the costs of heating or electrical resources, choosing alternative energy power such as solar or wind is perfect to limit the effects on the atmosphere and save you money at the same time. Similarly, insulation for a green build will conserve a great deal of energy and costs. On a smaller scale, installing low energy lighting and tools will also help to achieve the use of low energy.

  1. Water

Installing water tanks to collect rain water and grey water, (water from our washing machines, baths, etc), which can then be re-used for irrigation, toilet flushing and in the garden, will accommodate to safeguard our energy supplies. In the same way, using water-efficient appliances such as short flush toilets, dishwashers and showers will also offer to reduce the effects on the environment.

  1. Green Decor

Avoiding chemically based solutions and opting for environmentally friendly materials such as paints and varnishes will enhance the effects of the interior of your home and keep to the standards of green building practices. Maximizing the effects of natural light will also take advantage of the natural landscape so that the energy used from artificial light and heating is reduced.

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