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IAS Exam

Preparing for the Administrative service is very tough task for every aspirant, it is similar to preparing for any other competitive exam across our country, Preparing for the IAS Exams, you need to know the exam syllabus of the choice paper that you have chosen and you need to arrange books and materials for that preparation and the running notes that which you prepare during the class time will be very helpful to revise your entire syllabus.

The running notes that you prepare should be clear enough for you to read for the next time. Which will be useful for you to refer in the future. Note taking has three categories, namely pattern, voice and linear notes.

IAS Exam

Liner notes:

In this method, the material will be like heading and subheading and under subtitle important points is noted down. These types of notes will be very useful. These kinds of records can prove to be really useful and prepare them is easy, while making linear notes from records, the material is arranged correctly in the book. However, there is one drawback of this process that while preparing notes, the learners end up in replicating the academic language.

Pattern Notes:

These types of notes are prepared as a police and at the start of the subject written in the middle of the page. This process can evidence to be improved than linear method, one can add extra info without any difficulty. Also, the whole pattern can be grasped at once, without turning the pages.You can specify links between various subjects simply than the linear notes way.

Voice Notes:

Lastly, voice notes, taking voice note is a new technique of making notes, as it needs a PC and an internet connection. There are some websites that provide you the clippings of training center preparation for IAS  Exam (Indian Administrative Service), this will help you to remember for a long time.

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