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First Aid Course

First aid course becomes a necessary for the employees, which is taken as a training course. There is a different type of first aid training for employees depending on their workplace. First aid course helps you to save someone’s life. There are five major types of First Adi Courses which employees can join.

 Basic First Aid Course:

Basic first aid course is referred as emergency first aid, which mainly focuses on helping the general public. This course covers all the basic ideas for first aid training, this can help only with people who didn’t work in a place where accidents happen likely in their workplace. This type of courses is suitable for general publics, students, caretakers, elders and for those who stay at home.

Advanced First Aid Course:

Apart from the basic first aid course, this type allows you to learn the use of first aid equipment like oxygen and automated external defibrillator (AED) while helping the victims. This course is sometimes called life support training. Which helps to save the victim’s life. This type of courses is very useful for workers who are working in a workplace like oxygen tank and an AED.

Aquatic First Aid Course:

This course is very specifically for those who are working in a marine side. Sailors, lifeguards, rescue divers and also any other professionals involving in water. This course involves pulling the water out of a victim who falls into the water or to take care the victim when it takes a time to reach the medical care.

Wilderness Course:

This type of courses is also known as the outdoor or remote place first aid. You can learn how to provide first aid in a place where you don’t have any facility when the medication is delayed or takes a time to reach your place. This fits for persons like hikers, trekkers, forest rescues and people who like to spend time in outdoor.

Mental Health:

Not only physical pain requires first aid, sometimes we need mental first aid too. When you want to give mental support for people who got affected by the mental illness. This course is mostly appreciated for physiologist and counselors.

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