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Will Edge Computing Replace Cloud Computing?

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Edge Computing

Edge Computing can be explained as the computational processing of data and it is adjacent to the logical edge of networks that are towards unique sources of data and also aside from the centralized infrastructure.

Cloud Computing

Cloud services are already utilized by everyone in our day to day lives right from banking to watching Netflix and playing video games online. The cloud is a collection of various software and hardware that act collectively to implement multiple computing traits to the end-user as online services.

Edge Computing vs Cloud Computing: Is Edge Better?

The choice of edge computing has significantly improved with the growth of demand for real-time applications. Although the ease of collaboration and access afforded by the centralized cloud computing systems, they are isolated from data sources and so this needs data transmission and due to network latency, this effects lags in processing the information. Nowadays people suspect technology with high speed to render superior customer experience and low latency. Thus, for each requirement, one cannot bear to hold cloud computing.


Within the edge devices, the cloud runs with all the fresh information which collects and sends data to it. On the edge, the devices perform a short role in only sending raw information and receiving processed information from the cloud. The replacement can be made only with the applications where the time suspension is permitted.

So, by giving the possibility of evaluating input data alike to the source, edge computing affords better speed with low latency and this fits more extent for applications that demand real-time services.

Better Data Management

According to the terms, the associated devices are presumed to stretch around 20 billion by 2020. Edge computing drives clearing up Cloud Computing Courses in Bangalore to serve as a general-purpose platform and exerts a proposal where it catches some systems with specific requirements. For instance, the best path to a target by a car’s GPS will come from investigating the neighboring regions sooner than the data centers of the carmakers, which will be distant aside from the GPS. On the cloud, it occurs in a lower dependency and supports applications to work better.

Final Thoughts

While comparing Cloud Computing Courses in Chennai with edge computing, edge computing has more benefits than cloud computing, it would state that cloud computing cannot be replaced by edge computing. Picking up which one organization will opt is entirely left as they will be performing this choice according to their requirements. Among these two choices, selecting one would be like deciding whether you want a luxury sports car or a more spacious family car. It depends on which one requires. Recognize your demands, relate them against costs, assess, and then decide which one is the best option.

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